8 Areas You Can’t Clean with IPA Wipes

10:10am 12/09/20

Here at Speciality Wipes, we understand the importance of surface preparation, with our Surfex IPA Wipes being a great practical cleaning solution.

They have a host of applications including paint surface preparation, panel de-greasing for metal, plastic and rubbers plus vehicle wrapping preparation.

Isopropyl alcohol wipes can, however, not be used for eight different surfaces which we will explain in this post.

Applications to Avoid for IPA Wipes

1. Painted Surfaces – While Isopropyl alcohol can be used for the preparation of painted surfaces, it should not be used to clean painted, lacquered or shellacked surfaces as it will remove the finish.

2. Serious Wounds – Even though isopropyl alcohol has antiseptic properties, using it on wounds could actually delay healing plus it could irritate the skin surrounding the wound.

3. Acrylic and Plastic – Using IPA wipes on plastic can crack or discolour acrylic and plastic which results in a crack or hole which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

4. Pearls and Opals – The shiny protective coating on a delicate pearl or opal gemstone is quite delicate and isopropyl alcohol will damage it.

5. Wood Furniture – Alcohol acts as a solvent and will dissolve any stain or finish on wood furniture. The longer the alcohol is in contact with the wood, the more damage it will pose to the finish.

6. Dry-erase Board – Isopropyl alcohol can make a dry-erase board look brand new but it will also cause the board’s lubricated surface to deteriorate with repeated cleanings. Without the oily lubricant on the surface of the board, the ink will start to soak in and the board will not wipe clean.

7. Hot Surfaces – Steer clear of cleaning clothes dryers, ovens, toasters and barbeque grills using isopropyl alcohol as the vapour could lead to an ignition source and cause a fire.

8. Rubber – Using IPA wipes infrequently on rubber surfaces can cause discolouration and deterioration and will eventually wear down and destroy it.

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