5 Qualities Every Aircraft Degreaser Needs

3:13pm 1/04/20

As one of the leading suppliers of aircraft degreaser products, Speciality Wipes understands the qualities required for an effective aircraft cleaning task.

Aircraft degreasing operations often need to be performed quickly, with products often applied to the engine once a plan pulls into the hangar and when it leaves to resume its flight schedule. This means the degreaser needs special qualities that make them ideal for fast but thorough operations on jet engines.

Getting the Best Out of Your Aircraft Degrease

Here are the five qualities we believe your aircraft degrease needs to be successful –

1. High Flashpoint or No Flashpoint – Because jet planes may be degreased whilst still hot, and even while particular engine parts remain ‘electrified’ from steady use you will need a degreaser that has an exceptionally high flashpoint or no flashpoint at all. By using either of these solutions you can prevent injuries to workers and preserve extremely expensive jet engines from fires.

2. No Moisture Condensation – Aircraft degrease that contains no moisture condensation should be used to protect non-stainless steel parts of the engine against oxidation.

3. No Residual Cleaner Left on Parts – Cleaner residue left on jet engine parts will sabotage your cleaning operation as instead of repelling dirt and grime, the residue increases the rate that soils collect on various parts of the engine. This can be compared to mopping a kitchen floor with a cleaner which leaves behind a residue, meaning the floor gets dirtier quicker than without any surface residue.

4. Non-Toxic Cleaning Formulation – If your degreaser is non-corrosive then its toxicity is not considered a problem. Having said this, toxicity could have a major impact on your company and its workers. Investing in special ventilation systems and a high level of personal protective equipment is necessary, to prevent your workers from acquiring chronic health issues that could lead to fines and a loss of productivity.

5. Aggressive Cleaning Action – When aircraft degreasing operations need a quick turnaround, you will need a degreaser with aggressive cleaning action. Special technology employed (by industry leaders such as Speciality Wipes) means highly aggressive degreasers can be manufactured and have a non-toxic profile.

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